Couples Counseling

Heal, Grow, Thrive

Relationships can be wonderful and challenging. Specializing in couple’s therapy, Lauren Baker Cortez, provides relationship counseling for individuals in a new relationship, considering marriage, or who have been married for several years. After an initial meeting with clients, Lauren creates a plan and tailors each session to the couple’s specific needs and individual personalities. When seeking couples therapy and relationship counseling in Atlanta, contact Lauren to:

• Improve communication and address conflict
• Explore and understand strengths and growth areas for both individuals, and in the relationship
• Re-establish emotional and sexual intimacy
• Develop and strengthen healthy boundaries with your partner and others
• Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself and your significant other
• Explore issues regarding finances, parenting, and in-laws
• Work through often avoided “hot topics”
• Explore blended family issues (if applicable)





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