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Do you feel unsatisfied with the direction of your life and the quality of your relationships?
At Revive, our goal is to empower women and couples to heal from past wounds, grow into the person they would like to become, and thrive in their lives and relationships.

Re-vive: a verb meaning to make (someone or something) strong, healthy, or active again…

Atlanta therapy practice, Revive, is rooted in Christian beliefs and centers on helping clients heal from past wounds, grow to be the person they aspire to be, and thrive in their lives and relationships. Trusted Atlanta therapist, Lauren Cortez, understands that sometimes we find ourselves on “auto-pilot,” lose our direction, and maybe compromise those things most valuable to us. At Revive, Lauren uses a holistic approach to partner with clients to help them proactively strengthen their relationships and personal well-being. She specializes in counseling women and couples. Whether you need someone to talk to, someone to lend advice, or someone to support and encourage you, contact Lauren for more information.


Individual Counseling for Women
For individual, one-to-one counseling
Premarital Counseling
Strengthen your marriage before it begins
Couples Counseling
For couples in all relationship stages


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